Door frame repair services

Door Frame Repair Services

At 24hr Locksmith Kanata Ontario we are not only door lock specialists, but we also consider ourselves as a very reliable door frame repair company. Doors are very important of course, but the frames are structurally essential for doors to work. Several factors might end up in you needing our emergency door frame repair services.

  • Broken Door Frame Repair
  • Door Frame Replacement
  • Door Frame Installation
  • Wood, Steel & Metal Frames

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Local Kanata, ON Company

We have provide many door frame repair services, from those people that were locked out and decided to kick-in the door to open it, to people with exterior rotten and cracked door frames. Whether you are looking for our local door frame services service in Kanata Ontario, we are your best option. We also provide a 24 hour emergency repair for door break-in situations on homes, businesses or offices.

Kicked In, Rotten or Broken Door Frame?

Only specialists carry on our door repair services, and of course, we have full availability through our 24/7 service option. We are the best door frame company because we provide several different materials such as steel, aluminum, iron or wood door frames, and we will help you to choose the right one for your specific conditions.

We can inspect you door frame and offer you a cost effective and durable repair or a replacement. Make sure to replace any rotten or cracked wood on your frame as it might be really easy to kick-in any door with damaged frame.

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Frame Installation or Replacement Services

Interior & exterior frames might seem quite similar, but they need to be treated differently. If you have exterior wooden doors you need to think of regular maintenance to avoid any problems with them, such as bent or loose hinges or strike plates.

The good part is that you do not need to worry about it on your own. We can help you through our specialized wooden door jamb reinforcement services to help you keeping your doors in the best conditions.

We offer fast and reliable installation and replacement services all around Kanata Lakes, Katimavik, Hazeldean and Lakeside. If you need something more than a standard frame installation, we can also offer you our affordable rates even for new custom made and sized frames. Our consultants will evaluate the situation to offer the materials that will better resist the weather conditions.

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